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September 19, 2017
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October 2, 2017

CryptoDigest — A new publication page for Crypto Enthusiasts!

CryptoDigest belongs to the people who want to contribute to the field of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Crowdfunding projects and Token sale. The purpose is to keep everyone updated, share the knowledge, exchange ideas and help people know more about Crypto world.


Here comes the Final Destination page for all the Crypto enthusiasts and Blockchain lovers —CryptoDigest. The page aims to focus on latest news, trends, announcements, education, thoughts and opinion of people on cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereums and altcoins, blockchain technology, smart contracts, crowdfunding and Token Sale Project reviews.

There is so much of information available about cryptocurrency and blockchain that sometimes it is much difficult to get what you exactly want.We understand the pain when you visit Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Bitcoin Forums, Reddit and various other hundreds of pages to look for the specific information you need. It seems that the information is widely available but is spread across different web pages. So, even if we start searching for details, we do get them, but not in a coherent manner. Therefore, CryptoDigest will serve as the central repository and source of education for all the information seekers. The experts from various industries are welcome to post their ideas on the above topics, their opinion on the latest news and happenings in the market, their thoughts on present and future of cryptocurrency and blockchain, any reviews of token sale related projects, information on crowdfunding and other things related to these topics. The page also aims to focus on audience who is new to the crypto world and is looking for gain some knowledge. We do believe that still there is a small percentage of audience who is interested in these topics but possess very less knowledge. The page wants to target this segment of readers, so that the pool of crypto community can keep growing.

If you believe you have the knack to inspire people with your words and want to be part of CryptoDigest writers, please drop us an email at with one of your medium posts. We’re excited to see what you got and would love to share your story.

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