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September 22, 2017
FundYourselfNow Platform is officially launched
October 6, 2017

Soft launching FYN Platform on 5th October

FundYourselfNow is progressing in the right direction and as promised, we are going to present the Soft Launch of our platform on 5th October. As stated previously, the soft launch will mainly focus on the token sale projects for now, due to strong demand and interest. Our aim is to get immediate revenue to reduce our burn rate and start promoting FYN to our potential partners and helpers before our official launch in early Q1 2018.

You will be seeing following features on the platform for now :

1. Backers and investors who are interested in projects can back them on the platform using Ethereum.

2. Users will be able to see all the ongoing and upcoming projects under Project Calendar.

3. There will be optional KYC verification for backers. Project creators can choose whether they require backers to be KYC verified and can restrict participation by country.

4. There will be mandatory KYC verification for project creators.

5. Airdrop Smart Contract to bulk disburse Project Tokens to all FYN Token holders.

6. Transaction history will be available for backers.

Welcome the first project on FYN Platform

Along with the soft launch, we are also excited to present to you the very first project that we are going to have on out platform — WandX!

Decentralized exchanges enable trade between Tokens; WandX goes a step further to enable creation and trade in portfolios of ERC20 tokens through smart contracts. These instruments can facilitate hedging risk and enable users to own multiple Tokens with a single transaction. Smart contracts for creation and trade are called through our custom APIs; these APIs can be used by exchanges and third parties for a fee.

Join WandX on Telegram to know more about them!

We are running a Community Marketing Programme where WandX will airdrop tokens to FYN token holders registered on our platform. We strive to have a community marketing programme with all projects so that FYN token holders can participate in every project and get the project tokens just for being a FYN token holder!

In our future release, we will be introducing many more functionalities like support for non token projects, milestone based checks, custom token contracts for project creators and many more.

Don’t forget to check out our platform on 5th October!

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