October 9, 2017
Gatcoin — Reviving Loyalty Programs [Token Sale Review]
November 8, 2017

Eligibility criteria: Airdrop and Bonus offer by FYN

Bonus for WandX and Genaro Project Supporters

Chance to get 2 FYN tokens or more!

Dear FYN community,

We are excited to have our first two projects — WandX and Genaro Network on our platform. Hence, here is the promotional offer for all of you to support these projects. Make the most of it till it lasts!

FundYourselfNow is giving out 2 FYN tokens for every 1 ETH you put in WandX or Genaro Network!

Candidate needs to signup as a Backer on
FYN Platform and back at least one of these projects with 1 ETH or more, to be eligible for getting 2 FYN tokens.

Community Marketing Program — Airdrop tokens

In this program, project creators will airdrop a set number of tokens (typically 5%-10% of the tokens sold) to all the FYN verified users who own FYN tokens. This airdrop will happen with the intention to incentivize FYN token holders for participating and backing their projects.

Candidate needs to put in at least 0.01 ETH via FYN platform.
Candidate must join FYN and respective Telegram group of the Projects.

Hurry up and participate in the presale and token sale of these projects!

If you have any questions, ask us here.

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