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November 8, 2017
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November Updates for FundYourselfNow

FundYourself — Make Great Ideas Happen.


The month of Oct has been a very busy month for us.

To recap, this is what happened at FYN last month.

  1. Soft Launch of FYN platform with 3 Projects, WandX, Genaro and Gatcoin.
  2. Speaking at Ethereum Singapore Meetup and sharing our vision and goals with the broader community.
  3. Building up new partnerships that will grow our ecosystem. We signed partnership agreement with Hellogold and Cryptocentral.

Over the last month, we have spoken to many backers, potential customers & project creators who has given us valuable insights on how we should move forward.

Post-Mortem for Oct after Soft Launch and path moving forward.

At FYN, the key is to build up a strong community of idea creators and backers who are interested in finding good projects to back.

The priority for Nov will be to generate good quality content for our FYN website which will increase user engagement, increase our traffic and give backers a reason to come back to FYN often and attract new visitors to sign up.

New Content will be in the form of:

  1. New listings by FYN platform (we are making listing free for month of Nov, please email if you want to be listed
  2. Project Review and Rating Articles by FYN team for project listed on our platform. For example, we did a review for Gatcoin.
  3. Historical Crowdsale/ICO data that people can refer to on our website.

To support this, we are doing significant UI redesign to our homepage to make it more content rich, making our website more SEO friendly and will set up a seperate news/review section on our website.

This month, we will assist with our first kickstarter-like project, Cycloshield Coin. They are backed by a physical product and and this project will serve as a great opportunity for us and learn and refine the marketing/launch process, before we launch our official platform in Q1.

The FundYourselfNow team will be participating at the Singapore Fintech Festival from 13th — 17th Nov 2017. It will be held at the Singapore Expo. If you want to speak us, do feel free drop by!

We love to hear your feedback on FYN at, or join our telegram group at

Warmest Regards,


Co-Founder, FundYourselfNow

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