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November 8, 2017
The coin that saves lives, the Coin for road safety
November 15, 2017

CycloShield — Advanced safety system for Cyclists [Token sale Review]

CycloShield is a project specifically for Cyclists who can earn rewards by providing information on paths, routes, risky spots and status of roads which might be prone to accidents.

The main idea behind this project is to leverage the knowledge which cyclists have about the roads they travel, routes they take, any useful information they have which will be beneficial to other travelers. This way, cycle riders can sell the info with other pool of users and earn CYS tokens as rewards and also companies targeting cycle riders can place their ads on the app to have more visibility.

CycloShield is specialized project which is targeting cycling industry and riders. Though the pool of cyclists is on the rise across the world, and there is a need to provide riders with safety, we still need to see if the product will receive worldwide adoption by the users.

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Concept (4.1/5)

The project will be a combination of CycloshieldNano, an app and CYS tokens. CycloshieldNano is a physical product which will be used by riders as a safety device, road assistant, security and recorder of violations of rules. This device will be used with an app which will show maps to riders and collect data from sensors.

The companies who want to target riders, will be able to put their ads on the app so that they will get more focused audience for ads to be shown. They will need to buy the ads through CYS tokens. Riders will also be given a chance to share and advertise their findings on the app and will get rewarded in the form of CYS tokens in return. They will get discounts if they purchase CycloShieldNano (safety device) using CYS tokens.

CYS tokens will be used as the payment method for riders, companies and buyers. The tokens can be bought by users directly using credit card through the online store.New users will also be guided by the stores on how to carry out and make transactions.

Team (3.9/5)

Francisco Javier the CEO of CycloShield has 7 years of experience as a developer . Tanausú Tejera is the Finance Director and Co founder of this project with rich experience ins accounting. The team consists of Software Engineers, Product manager, Marketing Advisor, Industrial Engineer, Blockchain developer, Economic Advisor and Legal Advisor.

Competition (4.3/5)

Cycloshield has got a first mover advantage as currently there is no such project which is working on the same concept. Previously, Cycloshield appeared on kickstarter for their cycle safety device, but this time they have come up with something more. Along with the safety device, they are also considering the riders to earn rewards, companies to place ads and generate quality traffic and buyers to get discounts.

For now, Cycloshield is the only one in the market which is aiming to target cycle riders and their safety. It will be interesting to see how the project tackles if any competitor comes up in future.

To sum up:

Cycloshield is building a unique concept and mainly for a specialized audience. Because of no competition, there is a room of popularity but also we we need to see how widely they are adopted by the users across the world.

CycloShield PreSale will be LIVE from 1st December to 8th December.
For more info on the Presale and token sale, click here.

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