CycloShield — Advanced safety system for Cyclists [Token sale Review]
November 13, 2017
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November 27, 2017

The coin that saves lives, the Coin for road safety

CycloShield LTD is a startup based in United Kingdom which has developed a gadget to
improve the security for cyclists, both sportspeople and commuters. This device works
connected to a smartphone with the official App, allowing final users to create a virtual
community, the perfect scenario for implementing a cryptocurrency: CycloShieldCoin (CYS).
After a couple of cyclists accidents caused by cars during Summer 2014, our team realised
that there was nothing in the market focused in passive safety for cyclists, at that moment.
Francisco Martin, Javier Fabrega, Tanausu Tejera and Luis Lopez decided to combine their
different backgrounds to develop a revolutionary device from scratch.

The physical product, CycloShield Nano, and cryptocurrency token CYS offer real life use
cases and the assurances of a traceable project. The physical product is a safety gadget
which could detect accidents and falls, send automated SOS calls to the emergency
systems containing the position of the cyclist, record vehicles violating the security perimeter
and act as a road assistant. CycloShield Nano is used in conjunction with our official App.
Cyclists are an ample group and on the rise. There is a great demand for high-tech gadgets
and cyclists, ranging from professionals to commuters, desire to invest in their own safety.
Our goal is to remunerate cyclists for information about the most suitable routes and real
time information.

By using the blockchain, it is possible to ensure the transparency of our payment system as
well as granting users complete liberty to exchange CYSs without the need for any
intermediaries, CycloShield LTD or others. Providing our users with our own token will open
up a wide variety of options to pay them for their contributions. CYS is the token for road
safety, sports activity and real time road information collection.

The CYS token could be used as payment method for a variety of tasks from final users to
advertisers and will be also buyable by corporate users in our own store with credit cards.
Corporate users will be able to buy CYS tokens using cards right on our web store, enabling
them to buy Ads on our specialised App. This will eliminate friction and promote adoption among
advertisers like never seen before. Buying a token has never been easier.

Additional measures such as token burning will help the market sustain the price and have
enough liquidity for a healthy economy. Our strategy of burning part of the tokens we receive
from product and Ads sales will gradually reduce the token supply and might cause the token to
increase in value due to an ever decreasing token supply.

The creation of the monetary mass will be fixed and final as per the ICO, proportional to the
funds raised. The total number of tokens will be 1 billion if we reach our hard-cap of
10,000ETH. The token will implement the ERC-20 standard, this will make it familiar and
easy to use to the average user of cryptocurrencies but we will not limit its reach, we will
work on raising awareness of this token in the cycling world because every CycloShield
Nano will come preloaded with a wallet.

The ICO will take place on January 8th. It will be carried out by FundYourselfNow that will
hold funds in escrow, this way we will be only allowed to obtain the funds if the ICO reaches
the minimum, being 2,000ETH. This is the bare minimum necessary to fund this new version
of CycloShield Nano and to implement the use of the token. In addition, there will be a hard
cap of 10,000ETH.

As we want to create value for our investors, a Presale will start on December 1st, also
carried out by FundYourselfNow, offering the 20% of Token Supply for sale at a 20%

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