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Dec Updates for FundYourselfNow & Major Announcement on Dec 15th
December 13, 2017
Countries Approving Cryptocurrencies
Countries Approving Cryptocurrencies
December 15, 2017

Airdropped tokens to Project Backers

airdropped tokens

One good turn deserves another

Dear FYN community, it has been so long since we have expressed our gratitude towards your active participation on our platform. We are really grateful to your continuous support & love, and we promise that we will deliver more than your expectations in upcoming months.

FYN platform is 2 months old now, and we have already hosted token sale of some of the projects including WandX and Genaro. As per our Community Marketing Program, we promised to airdrop tokens to the Project backers who had participated in the token sale of our projects. Minimum amount to be eligible for Airdrop tokens was 0.01 ETH. How this works is that, for each project we reserve 5%-10% of the total funds raised for the airdrop. And this percentage is then distributed among the people who back the project, in the proportion of amount of total FYN tokens they hold (in the wallet addresses registered on FYN platform). It’s important to note, that if FYN tokens are kept in the crypto exchanges while airdrop is being done, the backer will not be able to benefit from the airdrop. We make sure that we inform all our backers when the airdrop will happen so that they can transfer their tokens on time to the registered wallets.

We were glad to see FYN backers holding good amount of FYN tokens. The amazing thing about this program was that Project Backers who hold more FYN tokens received more no. of airdropped tokens with just tiny support of 0.01 ETH!

There have been some questions pertaining to Airdrop program, which we would like to clarify in this post:

  1. Who will get Airdrop tokens — only Project backers or all the FYN members who hold FYN?
    Only those who back the project are entitled to get airdrop tokens. FYN members who do not participate in the token sale of the project, will not receive the airdrop tokens of that particular project.
  2. What’s the criteria to be eligible for receiving airdrop tokens?
    There are two criteria:
    – Candidate should be registered on FYN platform and should join FYN and the respective project’s telegram channel.
    – Candidate should put at least 0.01 ETH in the Project’s token sale.

Overall, we are glad that with your support FYN community is growing and expanding day by day. We have few more milestones to achieve. The first milestone has almost been completed and will be announced on December 15th. Stay tuned till then.

Keep showering your love and support!

FundYourselfNow Team
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