Latest Blockchain Trends to Watch Out For in 2018
Latest Blockchain Trends to Watch Out For in 2018
January 3, 2018
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January 4, 2018

Pet Planet — The new craze after Cryptokitties

Pet Planet Crypto Game

By now, all of you have heard about Cryptokitties which broke the ethereum for a few days with virtual cats. Today, I’m sharing with you the latest upcoming craze, Pet Planet, which was launched yesterday.

Why Pet Planet took off

Pet Planet is the first major Dapp created by the Tron Foundation (TRONIX) & For all of you who are not familiar with Tron, it is the best performing cryptoasset in Dec (40 times return) growing from 139 million (Dec 4th) to 5.5B today based on coinmarketcap.

They have a proven model copied from Cryptokitties and a massive following on Twitter to promote their game.


Pet Planet-148k Followers on Justin Sun (Tron Founder Account) with 2.1k retweet and 428 comments.

148k Followers on Justin Sun (Tron Founder Account) with 2.1k retweet and 428 comments.

How to get started

Currently, the game is extremely new with almost zero documentation. The website now is completely in Chinese, so you will have to use google translate if you don’t understand chinese. The international version will be coming up soon.

Once you sign up with a username and password on the website, the game will ask you to deposit in either TRX (TRX) or GTC (Gamecoin) token.

To get TRX, you need to buy them on Binance and transfer them to the wallet provided by the game.




Once you have the TRX in your wallet, you can browse for pets in the marketpace. There are three options: Browse by Pets, Browse Pet Stores & Adopt a random Pet option.


Pet Planet-Sample View of the Pet Store Summary Page

Sample View of the Pet Store Summary Page

Pet Planet-View of the Pet Store

View of the Pet Store


In the Pet store, you can choose the pets you want to buy, or buy a mystery pet with 400 TRX.

Type of Pets

Pets are classified into 4 tiers — Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary. Currently, common pets are being sold for 200 TRX now. I have not seen Rare, epic or legendary pets yet, but i believe it will show up soon in the store at a much higher price. There is a pet encyclopedia that will show you all the pets that you can possibly obtain (think pokedex in pokemon go).


Pet Planet

How do I make profits?

To start selling the pets, you will need to deposit 20,000 TRX (about $1600 USD) which is used to buy a pet store which will allow you to sell pets. Note that without a store, you are not able to sell the pets that you bought.

Based on the web description, having a store will entitle you:

1. 100 common pets included in the package (worth 200 TRX each)

2. After selling your 100 pets, you will have an option to purchase randomized pets from Tron to sell more pets. I am guessing this is where you can get rare/epic/legendary pets if you are lucky.

3. You will be a commission (paid in TRX) for each pet that has been sold beyond your first 100 packaged pet.

(note that i was not able to purchase a store in time as it sold out immediately as only 100 is available everyday, so will update again once we get a store)

I looked through the current 100 shops that are open and most of them have already sold 50–70% of the pets in the short 10 hrs that the game started. Once 100 pets are sold, you basically recovered your capital and you will start to make money.


Pet Planet-A mostly sold out pet shop

A mostly sold out pet shop


I hope this short guide helps, especially for all of you that don’t understand Chinese.

This game is still quite new and has lots of room to grow. Leave your comments below if you have any comments or things to add as we are all learning together!

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